photo © Marcin Sz

I'm an artist and musician based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The visual art and the music I make are related to one another. I'm interested in the nuances and contradictions that apparently opposing organizing principles and perceptual paradigms can generate in relation to each other:

order and disorder
form and content
figure and ground
continuous and discrete information
modularity and singularity
regularity and irregularity
repetition and variation
control and a lack thereof

A lot of my work explores emergent properties of systematic processes: rule-based iterative systems; interference patterns; cognitive-manual feedback loops; organic/inorganic growth mechanisms. I have been working a lot with the idea of pattern and its ontological implications, looking in particular at patterns which are quasi- or a-periodic, or irregularly repetitive in different ways.

I play mostly contemporary experimental music, often improvised and primarily on the viola and (sometimes tabletop) guitar. I also play Swedish and Norwegian traditional dance music on the fiddle. I have performed and recorded in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Slovenia, and have played in regular groups with Tapiwa Svosve, Silvan Schmid, Eddie Prévost, Angharad Davies, Hannah Marshall, Sarah Farmer, Andrew Woodhead, Phil Durrant, Samuel Rodgers, Joe Wright, James Opstad, Mark Sanders, Rachel Musson, Xhosa Cole and James Malone. With Tapiwa Svosve I also co-run the label Physical Correlate.